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Quando Vigora o aumento de aposentados

The Icebergers: Only 10% Crazy

“What am I doing here? ” This is what I said to myself as I sat in my car in the dark carpark of the Middle Brighton Baths last Saturday morning. It was 6:30am and I was waiting for the sun to come up in the hope that I could capture the Brighton Icerbergers emerge from the clubhouse for their daily ritual of madness.

I started thinking that maybe it was just too cold for them on this day – it was one of the coldest Melbourne mornings so far for the year. And then right on cue, a group of silhouettes emerged from the clubhouse making a quick trot towards the jetty that shoots out into the choppy ice cold Bay.

The Brighton Icebergers are a group of people who religiously get up each morning to swim in Melbourne’s Port Phillip Bay for a session of open water swimming. They do this all year round, rain hail or shine, with the sea temp dropping down to an average of 7 – 8 deg C (that’s about 45 deg F) during the Winter.

I had taken a few shots of these guys during the 24 Hour Project  - see  That was back in March, and while I thought it was cold back then, it was nothing compared to this return trip in June. Melbourne had been experiencing an “Arctic snap” as we call them here, and the temperature had plunged all week with ice cold winds blowing in from the Arctic Ocean. On that morning back in March I had to move on to another location to get my next hours shot, so I couldn’t hang around and get as many photos of them as I had wanted.

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Aposentados do INSS

Em janeiro, o aumento para o piso foi de 14,26%, mas para os que.

Aposentados do INSS: Governo oficializa aumento do salário ...

Com o aumento de 6,3% os aposentados que ganham acima do mínimo não poderão contribuir para a politica de manutenção do mercado interno tão incentivada pela.

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